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Bringing together national research and practice in educational innovation, online learning and open education.

The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) is a national organization of professionals committed to excellence in the provision of innovation in education in Canada. Our inclusive culture welcomes all of those interested in examining innovation in education from our K-12 systems, post-secondary organizations, private training and professional development and those involved in industry – our goal is to provide a space for dialogue, collaboration and innovation!


Open Education

Amanda Coolidge Open education has a pivotal role to play in the unprecedented times of COVID-19. The pivot to online teaching and learning has brought to the fore profound inequities. Open education has the power to reduce these inequities through culturally relevant and inclusive content and the use of open source technologies that encourage technological …

Big Ideas in Learning Technologies

A one-page View from Stephen Downes If we look a little bit beyond the obvious changes coming to learning technology as a result of analytics, virtual and augmented reality, and badges and blockchain., what are the big ideas that are lurking there? Here are some. Interactive Notebooks – Text of the future (which will include images, diagrams, charts and th…


Dr. Tony BatesSenior AdvisorChang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University and Research AssociateContact North The main rationale for online learning in most institutions has always been that it increases access and flexibility for students: learning anytime and anywhere. This rationale will always be important, but there is another increasingly im…