CJLT: Winter|Hiver 2023 issue | Volume 49, Number|Numéro 1

Winter|Hiver 2023 issue | Volume 49, Number|Numéro 1


Editorial | Éditorial
Michael Dabrowski, Martha Cleveland-Innes

Book Reviews | Recensions
Metaphors of Ed Tech, 2022. By Martin Weller. Athabasca University Press. 192 pages. ISBN 9781771993500  Link
Brian Lamb

A Narrative Case History of Distance Education Before, During, and After COVID-19 in China and Iran  Link
Mohsen Keshavarz, Li Yuan

Emergency Remote Teaching: The Challenges Associated with a Context of Second Language Instruction  Link
Gregory MacKinnon, Tyler MacLean

University Student Satisfaction and Behavioural Engagement During Emergency Remote Teaching  Link
Necati Taşkın, Bülent Kandemir, Kerem Erzurumlu

Accessing Education: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Online Learning  Link
Shelly Ikebuchi

Using Google Classroom as Assistive Technology in Universally Designed Classrooms  Link
Stephen Sharpe, Gabrielle Young

L’apprentissage en ligne dans le contexte de la quatrième révolution industrielle : le cas d’un module connectiviste en contexte universitaire  Link
Emmanuel Duplàa, Béatrice Crettenand Pecorini, Jonathan Weber, Mario Blouin