About the Conference

In early 2020, Canadian higher education and K12 institutions closed their physical doors and transitioned to online course delivery, administrative, and support services. This transition was necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially in the early stages, many institutions struggled with implementing both effective technology-enabled instructional practices, and with the infrastructure and administrative requirements of such a monumental transition.

While institutions have now transitioned back to on-campus activities, the impacts of the transition to online delivery and services are still being felt. Many institutions took ad-hoc measures to “sure up” their infrastructure and facilitate the online transition in the short term during the pandemic. Some have already begun looking to the future, with an eye on maintaining the benefits realized from innovative uses of digital technologies and on “future-proofing” their technological and administrative infrastructure, as well as their pedagogical practices.

The focus of the 2023 CNIE annual conference is “Future-Proofing Technology Integration and Innovation in Education.” This conference will explore issues around planning instructional design and pedagogy, planning for infrastructure needs, highlighting current and emerging research related to educational technology integration and innovation, and planning educational policy agendas with an eye on sustainability, growth, and meeting the current and future needs of learners and institutions. To this end, the conference would integrate three streams across the agenda:

  1. Integration and Innovation with Technology in Everyday Practice
  2. Integration and Innovation with Technology to Support Learners and Institutions
  3. Exploring Research and Policy on Technology Integration and Innovation

About the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE): An organization of professionals committed to excellence in the provision of innovation in education in Canada. Our inclusive culture welcomes all those interested in examining innovation in education from our K-12 systems, post-secondary organizations, private training and professional development and those involved in industry – our goal is to provide a space for dialogue, collaboration and innovation! Find more information about the CNIE at http://cnie-rcie.ca/.

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