History of AMTEC – a few past AMTEC members are collaborating to create an inventory of documents and interviewing former members about their experiences, in honour of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organization in 2023. We will be posting recordings and profiles of these leaders in the months to come.

AMTEC – The Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada

AMTEC Mission Statement (1974-2007)
The Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada (AMTEC) was a Pan-Canadian community of educators, media producers, researchers, librarians, and other professional staff who worked to facilitate and improve learning, in all sectors of education, through the appropriate application and integration of educational technology. AMTEC members viewed educational technology policies, practices, and products as tools with which to provide supportive, successful, life-long learning experiences to all students in all learning contexts.

In this regard, AMTEC was committed to researching, developing, nurturing, supporting, evaluating and deploying educational technologies which reflected sound pedagogical theory; which were accessible to all learners and teachers; which promoted innovation in learning and teaching; and which celebrated best teaching / learning practices in all educational environments. AMTEC also maintained an ongoing interest in promoting the professional development of educators in educational technology, particularly through the distribution of research, and in ensuring equitable educational access to intellectual property through the use of technology.

AMTEC Trust Awards

AMTEC Trust Awards were provided through funds and donations generated by members. Awards were available to CNIE member applicants training, working, and creating research, products, and services in the field of Educational Technology. Award winners were celebrated at annual CNIE conferences, are listed on this website, and selected videos are showcased on the CNIE YouTube channel.

The awards included research grants and professional development bursaries of up to $3,000 for university or college faculty, staff or graduate students working in open educational media and technology or developing exemplary open applications of educational media or technology in instruction. Creative Commons licenses allowed the work to be made available to the AMTEC Trust for sharing with CNIE members.

Past Award Recipients

AMTEC Trust Awards

  • Paula Andrea Arancibia Erazo, Université de Sherbrooke, Research Grant
  • Lucas Johnson, Lakehead University, Research Grant
  • Diane Janes, Thompson Rivers University, Research Grant
  • John Cheng, University of British Columbia, Professional Development Bursary
  • Mae Doran, Athabasca University, Research Grant
  • Erica Hargreave, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Student Bursary
  • Helen J. DeWaard, Lakehead University, Professional Development Bursary. Click here to access the video.
  • Geneviève Gauthier, Université d’Ottawa, Bourse de perfectionnement professionnel. Click here to access the video.
  • Erica Hargreave, The University of British Columbia and British Columbia Institute of Technology, Professional Development Bursary. Click here to access the video.
  • Jessica O’Reilly, Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technologies and Athabasca University, Research Grant. Click here to access the video.

Corinne Breen, Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland